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Consult with Crank (One-on-One Tutorial)

$40.00 - $60.00

Are you a bit green in the know-how - interested in piezos - but not sure where to start? Building an experimental sound lab for the first time? Need help with troubleshooting or navigating signal flow? Curious about techniques and developing a skill set that incorporate contact microphones or the noisier aspects of nontraditional sound design? 

I receive a ton of questions from peeps who are embarking on their first forays using contact microphones, working with sound, noise, fx pedals, building feedback loops, and modular synthesis. It can be a bit daunting starting out in any creative field, especially with all the options in gear, figuring out how to use that equipment, and then falling down the rabbit hole of YouTube instructions. I would like to offer my services by presenting one-on-one tutorials, helping initiate the proverbial deep dive by tailoring techniques to suit the user’s specific needs.

Consultations are either 30 minute or one hour sessions. I can conduct these over Zoom, video chat, or by phone. I also want to ensure that these discussions will be safe, comfortable, and zero stress. Everything said in the consultation will be completely confidential. I’m here to help you make your sound YOUR SOUND. 

I should point out that a Consult with Crank isn’t a class course, nor is it “noise therapy”. Think of it more as a casual and instructive studio visit. I’m not here to blow smoke, act as a gatekeeper, or pretend that having online mentorship is an alternative to going to art school. This is the real deal: I make noise, ’been doing it for thirty years, and have spent more than a day or two directing workshops on how to do this stuff.
And, I love it. 

If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, drop me a message here, through Instagram, or by visiting my website: 

Fascists, dicks, and noise-bros need not apply.