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DJ Trifecta / Dupont Jumper Attenuator 3 Pack

  • DJ Trifecta / Dupont Jumper Attenuator 3 Pack
  • DJ Trifecta / Dupont Jumper Attenuator 3 Pack

The DJ Trifecta 3 Pack is designed for Dupont Jumper patching synths such as the Korg Volca Modular, Bastl Kastle, and Moog Werkstatt, as well as other devices featuring patchable female headers. Each pack consists of one tilt switch, a photo sensor (commonly known as a light dependent resistor), and one Pass-Thru Portal.

The tilt switch is an on/off device, housing a tiny ball bearing that, when shifted about, connects & disconnects a circuit. Flicking the switch or physically wiggling the synth will allow motion to determine signal flow, producing hiccupy glitches and potentially transforming the instrument into a kinetic noise device.

The photo sensor will attenuate the signal using a light source. Flashlights, sunlight, candles, and LEDs can open up a myriad of interesting results, from optical theremin effects to wowing your peers with highfalutin aural prestidigitation.

The Pass-Thru Portal acts as a bridge for an outside agent to intervene with one’s jumper/patching synth. A variety of 3.5mm external sources can be imported using the Pass-Thru: line level audio, piezo, and of course, control voltage. For more information, see our Pass-Thru Portal listing on Etsy.

Individual jumpers are approximately 4-5 inches in length and terminated to male pins. All styles are passive & not grounded. We've added a little heat shrink to reenforce each item; chance operation procedures determine jumper colors.

Here's the Pass-Thru on a Bastl Kastle, using our Wonder Wheel: