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Happy Clamper Contact Microphone

$32.00 - $33.00
  • Happy Clamper Contact Microphone

The Happy Clamper is a sibling of our Tiny Bite Contact Microphone. The Clamper features an automotive clamp for its set of jaws, giving it a wide biting range (jaws open = one inch / 2.54 cm). As a result, having a bigger mouth means more stuff can get amplified! The Clamper is right at home with field recording, modular synth, and electroacoustic setups, allowing one to grab onto kitchen utensils, barbed wire fences (careful they're not electrified), metal tables, detritus of all sorts, you name it. It should be pointed out that the Happy Clamper is rather sharp, so attaching it to body parts and live beings is ill advised (as indicated in the photo).

The Happy Clamper is equipped with five feet of audio cable. Like all our cabled-microphones, customers may choose between having it terminated to a mono 1/4" plug, mono or TRS 1/8" (3.5mm) plug, or XLR plug. Keep in mind that the TRS plug option is basically "double mono" and not true stereo.